Two Albino Children finally gets their Eye glasses

Two Albino children, Rebecca Masala and her brother Rubangakene Daniel have finally gotten their eye glasses from St Benedictine Eye hospital in Tororo district last Wednesday.

This comes as eye medical specialists normally say most Albino children are associated with sight challenges and upon medical examination the previous week by Dr Ida Aringo an eye specialist from Gulu Regional referral hospital ,she referred the children to Tororo.

The glasses they received include magnifying glases, eye telescope, and sunshine reducing glasses among others that would help them reading in school and at home.

The children were accompanied by Sophie Apiyo a nurse from Gulu Regional Referal hospital Eye department and James Onono Ojok, the chairperson of the Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda.

Rebecca and Daniel came in the limelight this year when they dropped out of school because of stigmatization from a school in Paicho Sub County in Gulu district and the Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda had to relocate them to Gulu prison primary school where currently they are under the scholarship of People Help People Germany.

The aid for Albino children in Northern Uganda started in 2014 when Bernhard Wingerberg the chairperson of People Help People-Germany felt touched by the story of Kica Emmanuel the then Nwoya 14 year old boy who used to walk miles on foot to reach school with blister and the inability to read writings on chalkboard called for immediate support for him.

This story made all the Albino Children living in fear and silence in Northern Uganda to rise up with their plight being drummed by the Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda with funding from People-Help People-Germany.


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