Our Story

OJok Isaac Newton
Lakernon Patrick Uma
Delcol Sarah Atim

Our History

Five friends; Ojok James Onono also the founding chairperson of The Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda together with Uma Patrick Lakernon, Lamwaka ketty, Sarah Atim and Ojok Isaac Newton met in December 2012 during the then Poet’s Night out every first Friday, at TAKS Centre.

Jointly, they shared ideas on how to apply poetry in solving societal issues such as Alcoholism, Drug abuse, Gender-Based Violence and post-traumatic stress disorder that affected women, youth and children in the post-war conflict Northern Uganda.

This meeting gave birth to the Galaxy Poets of Northern Uganda in 2013. Ojok James Onono became the founding Chairperson, deputised by Atim Sarah with Ojok Isaac Newton as the General secretary and Ketty Lamwaka became the Finance secretary. Uma Patrick Lakernon was our first Publicity Secretary.

We are registered with Gulu district local government as a community-based organisation. People Help People-Germany through the support of Bernhard WingerBerg immediately started supporting us in making sure we transverse the community to cause social change using art as the greatest tool of delivery.


Legal Status
We are registered as a community-based not-for-profit organisation, CDR/5024 with Gulu district Local Government.

“Art is Peace, art is power!”

“To use art as the mechanism of bringing behavioural change and peace in our community”

“To bring behavioural Change in the community through Art”

Aims and Objectives of the Galaxy poets of Northern Uganda
* To demonstrate the power of arts in peacebuilding and maintenance
* To sensitise the community on the danger of alcoholism and drug abuse
* To fight gender-based violence in our community
* To promote and preserve our culture through writings and sports.